Please share your encounter with scam alerts.

1) Hongkong Emperor Watch Jewellery Scam by imposter.
Asking invest to enter the invest with small amount and told the invest earning is 5 time of initial investment. and need to put in a deposit to collect the earning. this is heard from my friend own experiences. as he scam. please dont invest in such case. 1) if it so good earning he will earn him self. 2) you can just buy the stock if you have the money. 3) don't be greedy.

2) DHL Scam. just hang up. where in the world will DHL Talking in Chinese automated machine and call you using Singapore landline number. if you had a bad day, just connect the call and scold him. will make you have a better day after that.

3) Singapore Police Call scam. same as above. already famous in social media that the call doesn't even know where Singapore Police head quarter is.

4) Gold Scam and now is the Stock scam. just dont invest. it always better to invest on your own control.

5) if you want to invest we have alot of project, looking for investor. can pm me

6) all the wechat girl scam ask for transfer and meet up is all scam. don't need to do such thing. never think your self is pretty and handsome until girl or guy will come chat you, are you still 3 year old?

all this scam is encounter in Singapore. i know there is other, or even in other country. share with us so we can learn more.

will update once encounter